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There were two men drinking in an empty bar near Mistral, they were members of a group of bandits, they were discussing what to do with a White Fang camp that had arrived a few months earlier.

Steve: Lawrence, do I have to keep repeating it? If we do not stop those damn animals, they'll soon take away all our territory.

Lawrence took a sip of his drink as he put his hand on his forehead trying to think.

Steve: If we do not do something fast, she will not like it at all.

Lawrence: I know, Steve, I know, how about, if instead of complaining so much, you help me think of something, will you?

Steve took a deep drink, put the glass on the table and refilled it.

Lawrence: Besides, they are more than us and they have more guns.

Steve: Is Adam Taurus in the camp?

Lawrence looked at Steve.

Lawrence: No, but still the risk is huge and I will not let our tribe die.

Without realizing it, a figure began to descend the stairs and began to approach them.

Steve: But there must be-

???: Good night gentlemen

A voice sounds behind them, when they turn around they see a boy dressed in a black suit, he had a purple dress shirt, he had black hair and dark complexion, and he had black gloves, the two men upon seeing him are surprised to see a boy his age in this side of Mistral.

Lawrence: Who the hell are you?

Ronin: My name is Ronin.

Lawrence is paralyzed by fear and Steve, who was drinking, chokes and starts to cough.

Lawrence: (Frightened) R-ronin, the devil of Mistral?

Ronin: That's right, although I don`t look like a devil, right?

Steve: (Clear his throat) Actually, you don`t look too dangerous either.

Ronin: And you don`t look very intelligent.

Steve was about to get up but Lawrence stops him.

Lawrence: (Whispering) Steve don`t be an idiot, if it's the real Ronin you wish you did not get up.

Steve nods and sits down again. Lawrence turns to look at Ronin.

Lawrence: What do you want ?.

Ronin: (Smiling) I just want to help.

Steve: Help, you want to help us?

Ronin: You guys have a problem, I offer a problem solving service, I'm essentially helping

Lawrence looks skeptically at the boy.

Lawrence: And how much do you want for your "help" ?.

Ronin: 100

Steve: Just that?

Ronin: Let me finish, I want 100 now and 100 after doing the job

Lawrence and Steve are surprised to hear it.


Ronin: Probably, listen for a moment, you can refuse and I'll look for someone else who is willing to pay but that will be another problem for you.

Lawrence: Really, in what way?

Ronin: That you will not know when the work is finished and others will take advantage of it, they will take that territory and you will continue to have the same problem and you will have to explain to "her" that you had a solution but did not take advantage of it.

Lawrence and Steve looked at each other.

Ronin: But, you can pay me, I'll have a little chat with those nice faunus, soon they will not be there, which will give you enough time to call for reinforcements, recover your territory and the problem will be solved.

Lawrence: Do you even know what you are up against?

Ronin: A camp full of white fang soldiers, all armed, with trucks.

Steve: Not to mention that they are all faunus and will see you arrive even at night.

Ronin: Who says they'll see me arrive? ... so, is it a deal?

Ronin extends his hand waiting for an answer

Lawrence and Steve look at each other for a moment without knowing what to answer, at the end Lawrence shakes hands with Ronin.

Lawrence: I don`t know if you're very brave or very stupid but we accept.

Ronin: Send the money to the address where I stay and I'll get the job done right away.

Steve: And what is your plan, Ronin?

Ronin looks at Steve, suddenly behind Ronin it can hear a grunt, Ronin lets go of Lawrence's hand and turns away letting him see what's behind him, luckily the bar was empty.

Lawrence: In the name of Monty, what the fuck is that thing?

Ronin looks at them and smiles

Ronin: My plan.

-the next day at night-

In the White Fang camp, there were two soldiers patrolling a little further from the others, one had dog's ears and the other had a monkey's tail

Dog Faunus: I'm telling you, I'm sure he's going to die

Monkey Faunus: How's he going to die? If he is the best character in the series, it would be stupid and why don`t they kill the one who was in jail?

Dog Faunus: Because he's not there because he wants to, he's there to take control of the tanks.

Monkey Faunus: what you say does not make sense and will not happen

Dog Faunus: why can not it happen?

the soldiers stop near some bushes

Monkey Faunus: Because I say so.

Dog Faunus: You know, just because something does not happen in your stupid fanfics, does not mean that it can not happen in the series.

Monkey Faunus: Why do you always say my fanfics are stupid?

Dog Faunus: Because it's one thing to be a virgin and have a lot of free time, but another one is to shout it out for everyone to know.

Monkey Faunus: You don`t know how to treasure the talent.

Suddenly the bushes behind them begin to move and it is heard as if something ran out, the two soldiers look at each other and slowly approach the bushes.

Dog Faunus: What do you think that was?

Monkey Faunus: I don`t know, maybe a Grimm
Dog Faunus: Grimms Don`t run out

Monkey Faunus: Well.

The soldier looks at his partner.

Dog Faunus: What?

Monkey Faunus: What are you waiting for? Go see what that was.

Dog Faunus: Why me ?.

Monkey Faunus: Because Faunus always dies first in the movies.

Dog Faunus: And you what? You too are a Faunu.

Monkey Faunus: Exactly the second faunu is more likely to survive if the first one is already dead, so go see

The dog faunus lets out a sigh and begins to walk towards the bushes until it is out of sight.

A minute passes and the dog faunus does not return.

Monkey Faunus: Hey ... Buddy.

There's no answer.

The monkey faunus begins to walk in the bushes in search of traces of his companion.

Monkey Faunus: Buddy Where the fuck are you?

the soldier turn around to find a rifle near a tree, when he pick up notes that it is drooping and has teeth marks, a bush begins to move and from it comes what appeared to be a dog with black fur, it has extremely sharp teeths, It had eyes so red that they seemed to be enveloped in flames, he had profuse wounds and through them it could be seen as if were burning inside, the monkey faunus paralyzed when see it not knowing what to do, behind him appear two more hellhounds that Surround him.

-In the camp-

Captain: Where are those two? They should have returned by now.

Soldier 01: Sir, Private Buddy and Private Gibraltar don`t respond the radio

Captain: Ha, with luck they have been eaten by a Grimm

At that moment a scream is heard from among the trees and the whole camp stops.

Soldier 01: Sir? I think that was-

Captain: Shhh, listen ...




In a blink of an aye from among the trees, hordes of hellhounds begin to emerge at high speed, the camp becomes chaos and you can only hear shots and shouts while the whole camp becomes hell.

Captain: What the fuck is going on?

Soldier 01: Sir, go back into the tent, you two protect the general with their lives.

The captain enters the tent following him behind two soldiers, more soldiers are placed in front of the tent

Soldier 01: You, bring the truck, the others we must endure as we can.

The soldier runs to the truck, enters and lights it, when he accelerates a hellhound jumps through the windshield and the truck loses control and crashes against the trees.

Soldier 01: Shit, you call for reinforcements.

But before the soldier could take the radio, he was shot in the head and his body fell to the ground, and the soldier, seeing where the shot came from, could see a silhouette on the branch of a tree, Ronin was aiming with a sniper rifle with a muffler, underneath the barrel had the leaf of a katana, Ronin came down from the tree and began to walk towards the tent where the captain was, a soldier on his right shoots him but before the bullet could hit a hellhound jumps stopping the Bullet, Ronin begins to run towards the group of soldiers.

Soldier 01: OPEN FIRE !!!.

Ronin presses a button near the trigger and the rifle becomes a katana, Ronin begind to feflect all the bullets and jumps to the center of the group and cuts a bullet killing two soldiers behind him, the soldiers take out the swords and begin to attack Ronin who counterattacks right and left , A soldier points him ready to shoot him but Ronin rolls behind the soldier and stabs him with the sword, Ronin takes the gun and starts firing the remaining soldiers, Ronin releases the soldier's body and arranges his suit as he enters the Tent, Upon entering the captain flips and the two soldiers point at Ronin.

Captain: Hold it !!

Ronin stands still as he looks around the tent.

Captain: Who are you?

Ronin: Pest Control.

Ronin throws the katana to the soldier on the right killing him and quickly runs towards the other soldier who was about to shoot but Ronin takes his gun causing him to shoot the captain on the knee, The captain falls to the ground screaming in pain and Ronin breaks The soldier's neck, Ronin walks calmly towards the other soldier and takes the katana from his chest, the captain tries to get up but Ronin stops him putting his foot in his chest, the captain looks furious at Ronin.

Ronin: That was in-tents, Don`t you think?

Captain: (Struggling) You think you're very funny, right? If you kill me, do you know the hell that's going to hit you?

Ronin: Yes.

Ronin turns his sword into a rifle and shoots the captain in the head and leaves the tent, now the camp is in complete silence, when he leaves the tent sees a soldier cornered against a tree for 6 hellhounds, Ronin notes that the Soldier is smaller in stature than the others, when walking towards him the hellhounds become smoke and disappear, Ronin kneels in front of the soldier who is shaking and removes the mask to see that he was a kid of maybe 14 years and has bunny ears.

Ronin: What are you doing here?

Kid: (Scared) Please ... sir ... don`t hurt me.

Ronin: I'm asking you, what are you doing here, with the White Fang?

Kid: I just ... wanted to

Ronin: Changing the world, I know, but let me ask you this, if a group has to recruit kids for their cause, give them weapons and take them away from their families, do you really think they can change the world for good?

The kid looks at the floor without knowing what to answer, Ronin gets up and helps the boy to get up too.

Ronin: Go to school, study as much as you can, change the way people see you and stay away from bad people, use that determination to help people

Kid: Yes, sir.

Ronin: Do you know how to get home?
Kid: No, sir, I don`t know.

Ronin: Okay, I'll go with you.

Kid: (Smilng) Thank you, sir.

Ronin: What's your name?

Bell: It's Bell, sir.

Ronin: Nice to meet you Bell, My name is Rock Ibis but everyone calls me Ronin, Let's get out of here and I don`t want to see you again in that uniform

Bell: Okay

Ronin and Bell leave the camp and Ronin takes him home, along the way he thinks what he is going to say to Bell's mother.

- The next day at night-

Lawrence and Steve were in the same bar as before but this time they were on the second floor, they were drinking and talking, when they see Ronin climbing the stairs they are silent as he approaches the table.

Ronin: Good night, I see that you have habits, that's fine although it would be better if they were healthier habits ... So, you should know why I'm here.

Lawrence and Steve look at each other without knowing what to say, Lawrence looks at Ronin

Lawrence: You see, Ronin, what happened is-

Steve: (interrupts Lawrence) We did not think you'd survive, so we do not have the money.

Steve takes a drink while looking at Ronin, Ronin is silent for a moment not knowing how to respond, at the end he pulls out a bloody ring that carries the white fang symbol and places it on the table, Lawrence and Steve look at the ring.

Ronin: You accepted the terms, I fulfilled my part and you must fulfill yours, you knew me, you had already heard my name or did you think that people call me the devil of Mistral because I like red ?.

Lawrence: Ronin, you must understand that our tribe-

Ronin: Do I look like I care about your tribe? You're just a few bandits that destroy other villages to survive because your fucking leader does not want to follow the rules of society.

Steve drinks all his drink in a single gulp and looks at Ronin

Steve: Hey, is it true that you can destroy all of Remnant's academies, by yourself?

Ronin looks at Steve without believing what he had just asked.

Ronin: Well, then this will be a trifle.

Ronin hits Steve in the face causing him to fall back, Lawrence gets up and starts attacking Ronin but blocks him effortlessly, Steve gets up and takes out a knife, Ronin gives Lawrence a kick, knocking him down, Steve tries to hit Ronin but Ronin manages to block him by bending his wrist and removes his knife, Steve reincorporates and throws a kick but Ronin crouches and stabs Steve on the knee causing him to scream in pain, Ronin pushes Steve as he writhes in pain on the floor, Ronin turns to see Lawrence who is still on the ground, lifts him and holds him against the railing.

Ronin: Watch your step down, Dante.

Ronin pushes Lawrence breaking the railing, Lawrence breaks a table as he falls, Ronin turns to see Steve crawling to the wall near the stairs, as he can, he stands leaning against the wall, Ronin stops in front of him and pulls out a Pencil while Steve looks at him in disbelief.

Steve: Really?

Ronin approaches Steve and presses the pencil against his neck, Steve just smiles.

Steve: Murdered by the devil of Mistral ... Can you ask for better death?

Ronin bangs the pen on Steve's neck, Ronin drops Steve down the stairs, Ronin starts walking down the stairs to Lawrence who is still alive, Ronin picks up two stakes left by the rail, Lawrence tries to Stand up, but Ronin stops him by putting his knee on his chest, Ronin holds his right hand and plunges the stake into his palm, burying it on the wooden floor, Lawrence lets out a scream.

Lawrence: (Struggling) No ... Wait.

Ronin buries the stake in his other hand.

Lawrence: Please ... Just ... Give me more time, I promise you-

Ronin: Time, I don`t have time, every second I could be using it in something else, I have the time counted but I'm spending it with you, I wish more time.

Ronin begins to choke Lawrence, Lawrence tries to fight but Ronin tightened his grip harder.

Ronin: Salute me to Virgilio.

Lawrence begins to lose color in his face and life slowly leaves his eyes


It begins to sound a scroll and Ronin releases Lawrence who breathes desperately, Ronin stands up and answers his scroll.

Ronin: Yes? ... No, I was just doing paperwork, what do you want? ... A job at Vale? , Junior, how old is he ?.

Lawrence tries to release a hand but in that a hellhound appears and breathes in his face.

Ronin: Tell him what I want - ohhh, already paid, what is the name of the target? ... Wait.

Ronin walks over to Steve's body and pulls the pen out of his throat, grabs a napkin from a table, and begins to write a name.

Ronin: Ok ... Where's the target? ... Beacon? ... No, there's no problem ... I'll go straight away ... Yes sir ... Goodbye.

Ronin approaches Lawrence and the hellhound walks away.

Ronin: It's your lucky day.

Ronin pulls a stake from Lawrence's hand and stands up , Lawrence sits down and takes off the other stake.

Lawrence: I don`t think I'm lucky with you around.

He looks at the wounds in his hands.

Ronin: Listen, I have to work.

Lawrence: (in a sarcastic tone) Are you going to leave soon, Dad, what am I going to tell Mom?

Ronin: Don`t make me regret it, you have until I come back from Vale, if you don`have the money, it will not be the same.

Lawrence: (Looking at the ground) Sure.

Ronin walks to the exit and the hellhound follows him, outside the bar Ronin takes out the napkin and reads the name.

Ronin: Yang Xiao Long ... I hope you have no future plans.


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